Hatchimals Spring Basket

It’s a Hatchimals EGG-travaganza! Find six exclusive Hatchimals Collectibles inside a colourful Spring Basket. With four in-egg and two out-of-egg characters, there’s so many new friends to hatch and collect. These eggs have a vibrant yellow to pink ombre finish, and a beautiful purple scalloped heart. To hatch, hold each egg in your hand, rub the purple heart until it changes colour, then press down to crack the shell! Who will you hatch? These pastel-coloured characters have a luminous pearly finish and glittery wings. Tuck your new friends into the Spring Basket and carry them wherever you go! 

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LE 500
  • Ombre eggs, Pastel colours, Exclusive characters! There’s so much hatch fun inside the Spring Basket. With four in-egg and two out-of-egg characters, it’s the perfect edition to your collection!
  • Hatch your Collectibles, then peel your egg down to the wavy line at the bottom! Throw away the top pieces and now you have a cosy nest – the ideal place to display your adorable friend.
  • Inside the Spring Basket are six exclusive Hatchimals Collectibles and 8 nests! That means there’s room for more of your friends. Now you can play and display your Collectibles.
  • Hatchimals Spring Basket is for kids aged 5+
More Information
Price LE 499.90
Country of Origin
Brand Spin Master
Age 6 Yrs +
Color Multi Color
Gender Girls
Dimensions 5 x 4.6 x 7 inches
Product Type Pretend Play
Hedeya Code 14930

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