Thermal Spring Water 300ml

Exceptionally rich in oligo-elements and mineral salts, Uriage Thermal Spring Water is unique: it soothes and relieves the most sensitive skins. Used each day, it moisturises and protects the skin to restore all of its vitality. Naturally isotonic, it is in perfect balance with the skin, respects the integrity of its cells and preserves the cutaneous comfort. Spray to all the skins, at any moment of the day to soothe, hydrate and refresh.
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  • For 20 years, Uriage Thermal Water has been packaged at the source to offer you its many benefits, every day!
  • Uriage Thermal Water is packaged at the source, in a clean room environment; with no added preservatives or fragrance, it fully retains its natural wealth and original purity.
  • Uriage Thermal Water is a skincare water for daily use, a powerful cure treatment of trace elements and minerals, a source of radiance for your skin.

A treatment water to moisturise

  • This is the only thermal spa water with moisturising benefits, thanks to its high concentration in minerals similar to the skin’s NMF (Natural Moisturizing Factors).

A treatment water to relieve

  • Redness, irritation, diaper rash, minor surgical procedures, itching, sunburn, razor burn for men.

A treatment water to protect

  • With its anti-free radical power.
  • A treatment water to soften
  • Its filmogenic property leaves the skin soft and velvety-smooth.
  • A treatment water to improve makeup wear
  • In the morning and at any time of the day!

Instructions for use:

  • Spray on as often as you feel the need to.
  • A skincare gesture you can indulge in liberally...
  • Leave it on to act.
  • AND REMEMBER: do not dry or wipe off!
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Price LE 199.90
Country of Origin
Brand Uriage
Age 0-1 Yr Baby, 1-3 Yrs Toddler, 3-6 Yrs Preschool, 6 Yrs +
Color White
Gender Boys, Girls, Boys & Girls
Dimensions 300ML
Product Weight 0.485 g
Product Type Skin Care
Hedeya Code 338