360° Cups

360° Cups which is the next step in teaching the baby to drink, after a training cup and non-spill cups. It teaches how to drink from a cup without spilling. Thanks to its innovative sealing system allows the baby to suck fluid from any area around the edge.
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LE 225
  • LOVI 360° Cup Mini 250 ml.
  • Innovative sealing system allows fluid sucking from any area close to the edge.
  • Has an anti-bacterial protection.
  • Easy to clean, enables drinking without spilling.
  • When shaken vigorously or dropped, droplets of liquid can come out.
  • It teaches the child to control its movements and prepares them to drinking from an open cup.
  • Contoured handles Adapted to small hands.
  • SteriTouch antibacterial protection
  • Uses natural, antibacterial features of silver and reduces the bacteria population up to 99.99% in 24 hours.
  • Top Protects the cap from staining.
  • Steady base: Wide, rubber base prevents the cup from toppling.
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Price LE 225.00
Country of Origin
Brand Lovi
Age 1-3 Yrs Toddler
Color Pink
Gender Girls
Product Type Cups
Hedeya Code 8