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    Stomach Toning Belt

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    Stomach Toning Belt


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    Using EMS (electrical muscle stimulation) - the belt places an electrical impulse into your abdominal muscles through rubber electrode pads laying against your skin.

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    LE 1,000
    • The Beurer EM32 Abdominal Toning Belt is an effective tool that exercises your ab muscles anytime and anywhere. 
    •  EMS therapy is widely used within sports medicine and within rehabilitation and physiotherapy to build muscle and repair damaged muscle, or to prevent muscles deteriorating after damage. 
    • Most people are sceptical about ab toning machines and we always get asked is: Do these ab toning belts really work—or are they just another unproven gimmick? Beurer are committed to creating the highest quality healthcare products and wouldn't put their name to anything that is just a gimmick. 
    • A team of scientists at a Brussels University examined the effects of EMS on the stimulation of muscle fibres and metabolism. 
    • What they found was EMS does in fact have a profoundly beneficial effect on the metabolic demand associated with the generation of muscular force, as well as improving muscle contraction. 
    • This demonstrates that an ab belt could be a beneficial addition to other training methods to improve overall efficiency of muscular contraction and the mind-muscle connection to give you the best ab workout possible The Beurer EM32 has 2 water contact electrodes that have been placed perfectly to target your abdominal muscles for a complete workout to give that toned, six-pack look. 
    • It has 5 different training programmes built-in which all have adjustable intensities, so it is suitable for anyone for average joe to top level athlete. 
    • Just like any muscle, as it gets stronger you need to work it harder, the adjustable intensity of the Beurer EM32 allows you to make this progression. 
    • The easy-to-use and flexible belly strap with Velcro adapts perfectly to your stomach with its comfortable, ergonomic shape and places the electrodes exactly where you need them, on top of the abs. 
    • The control unit has a LCD screen to allow you to easily see which programme you are using, the intensity and the countdown feature allows you to see exactly how long is remaining on your programme. 
    • The compact and comfortable design is battery powered so could be placed underneath a loose-fitting t-shirt to allow you to perform other tasks such as cooking your tea whilst your abdominal muscles are been worked.

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    Colour No
    Country of Origin
    Brand Beurer
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    Age 6 Yrs +
    Color Black
    Gender Boys, Girls, Boys & Girls
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    Product Type Health Care
    Hedeya Code 3947
    Price LE 1,000

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